Royal Enfield Continental GT, flavored with coffee
Royal Enfield Continental GT, flavored with coffee

When mentioned Royal Enfield and India brand are known to go hand in hand and that is played at home. Those responsible for Royal Enfield must have thought so to present at the Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi a café racer called Continental GT using Royal Enfield's signature 500cc engine and adding quite a few quality components like Ohlins rear shocks.

The aesthetic is very British And it does not deny the origin of the English manufacturer, although Royal Enfield lives in different ways depending on whether we are in India or Europe. And not only for adapting to the regulations of the markets that have made the models marketed in our country install injection systems to comply with the E3 regulations, but also for the different, and evident, way of life.


This one that you see in the photograph that a friend who has just come from India has given me is one of the Royal Enfields that we can find there. And it is not because it does not carry Ohlins or delicatessen for the style or because it pollutes more than the European models. Is that simply The Royal Enfields live differently in India. Personal values, time or priorities, to give a few examples, take on another meaning in these eastern lands.

I remember how my friend when he came to ask me for advice to acquire his first classic scratched his head wondering why I advised him a Triumph Bonneville and not a Royal Enfield. After his frequent trips to India my friend has understood that for the most purists an authentic Royal Enfield must be in India and not to appreciate the great magnitude of these frames beyond the parts that compose them.

Which does not detract from the Royal Enfield Continental GT that occupies us, it would be missing more !. But export reasons rule and this very racing and coffee-growing model will be to the liking of fans of café racer aesthetics in old Europe.

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