Rebuilding a Suzuki DR 650 engine in 48 hours
Rebuilding a Suzuki DR 650 engine in 48 hours

I have to confess that since I was little I've been messing around with mechanical gadgets in different ways. I've always been drawn to taking things apart / putting things together. Although at first it was just that, taking things apart, which rarely put them back together or work. Over time, those unfinished or incomplete puzzles were completed and transformed into machines that work better or worse, but they work.

This has made me follow me today stopping to observe how people work when I have the opportunity. Because the whole process of disassembling and assembling a machine such as an engine always has something scientific. First there is the problem of how to disassemble something, and then once it has been disassembled and repaired there is the next problem of putting it back to work. So you exercise your mind by first learning how to take it apart and then remembering the sequence in reverse to put it back together.

What I have never done is record myself as they have done in the video on Steady Cam that I bring you this afternoon. In it we can see how they disassemble, repair and reassemble a Suzuki DR 650. An interesting document although it is almost as dry as a workshop manual because it has neither music nor anything to accompany it in the seventy seconds it lasts.

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