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The legend of The Black Prince and the true story behind it
The legend of The Black Prince and the true story behind it

A few weeks ago Green Rider reminded us a video of those that marked a before and after, of those who created a true legend around their images. It was 1989, a time when shoulder pads were still proud. In that year, in the middle of the Parisian day-to-day, among cars of the time whose drivers still have their hearts stopped when they saw the shadow of someone at 280km / h, a young Frenchman set a historical record and unofficial hardly surmountable in its time.

That man, 27 years old, used the Boulevard Périphérique de Paris as a private and own circuit wanting to complete its 35km long in the shortest possible time. The act, or simply the idea, is nothing special today, as we have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of suicide bombers on our roads and many others in the cemetery. Some see it or saw it as a heroic act while others as an atrocity against society and all the people who at that time were driving through Periph.

Either way, Pascal, or the black princeIt was said at the time that he would reveal his identity when he turned 50. And if the accounts do not fail us, in 2012 we could know the full story of this hobbyist. It is time to uncover the legend.

Pascal worked hard on his Suzuki GSX-1100R - nicknamed the Tueuse; killer - using parts from the racing GSX-750R and increasing the displacement of the factory bike to reach the 1300cc. One day, around seven in the morning, with a good group of people helping to record every moment, he hit the French road in search of a challenge. Focused on driving, dodging cars, using adrenaline to give gas where no one in his right mind would, he completed a complete lap of the capital in 11 minutes and four seconds.

After such a special turn, the montage did not take long to reach television. It got into the hands of journalists and was broadcast on the "Reporters" program under the title "Course interdite", what ended up extolling or condemning the figure of the Black Prince. Little has been known about him since then, many have been those who, driven by the desire for leadership, have declared to be Pascal and others who have given him up for dead.

A reasonable time later, in 2009, with a totally different life, the French magazine Moto Revue located him and published an interview in which, among other things, He is sincere and says he is sorry for that act that has marked his life so much. So, he was still thinking about staying anonymous even though he wanted to tell the truth.

The flip side of the legend is that there is no legend, only television

As I said, the French magazine was able to locate a man who answered on behalf of the Black Prince, anonymous, but with a totally different story to tell. The Cinq, the chain that broadcast the program, wanted to imitate the American Cannonballs and moved through the world of two wheels a well-paid challenge that could get more than one out of a good predicament. Instead of imitating the famous rally they they concentrated on the Peripherique mounting a real camera device and staff around the volunteer bikers, Who could earn up to 50,000 francs- when a Suzuki like the one used cost about 60,000 -.

Nowadays, they do not surprise the media that some simple amateurs enjoyed, who even allowed themselves the luxury of editing the video and making different montages of the most professional. This time the anonymous wanted to emphasize that he would never reveal his identity and that someone invented that he would reveal it at age 50 to continue feeding the story.

However, a Dutch television contacted a motoclub in Paris - I don't know if it was before or after the Moto Revue interview - to pick up the story and it was then that Pascal, or someone who could be him, showed his face.

Someone who It can be him because he is nothing more than the representative of that mythical figure of urban motorcycling. A family man now busy taking care of his family and enjoying a life he did not have at that time, a true hero. I cannot defend these kinds of acts, but I can come to understand the situation in which he found himself.

Ghost Rider dedicated a lap to the Periph in 2004

In this regard, we must mention the also widely known Ghost Rider. In 2004 he rode his Suzuki GSX-1000R to honor the Black Prince. During that morning the Swede smashed the record by lowering the time to nine minutes and 57 seconds, with a much superior machine and certainly much less traffic than then.

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