Airplane Tail Grab, extreme stunt with a Go-Pro
Airplane Tail Grab, extreme stunt with a Go-Pro

I take advantage of the fact that these days Morrillu has his guard down and I am going to hit him with a full-fledged overtaking with this acrobatic madness that includes a motorcycle and a plane. Of course the exception witness is a camera Go-Pro, one of those that some say have done a lot of damage, but that day by day they lead people to perform (and show us) more and more spectacular exercises.

Today's implies a Pitts Special S2, an aerobatic aircraft that was designed in the late 1940s and in the 1960s and 1970s dominated aerobatic competitions around the world with an iron fist. even today it is a widely used aircraft for learning and flying the most basic categories of aerobatics. The engine is usually a Lyncoming six-cylinder boxer with almost nine liters of displacement that is around 250 hp. The plane, unlike land vehicles, has a maximum speed not to exceed, which is 338 km / h, the cruising speed is 282 km / h and the minimum stall speed is 95 km / h. This last piece of information is important, since below this speed the plane does not fly and falls. So we already know that the bike must go at least that speed or a little more. Something that is not very difficult, but that has to be achieved in the space of an airport runway that is not infinite either.

With all this in mind, you can already watch the video and freak out with the maneuver that these two crazy people do.

For a tip, here is a video in which you can see that what they do is not as easy as it seems and that it is the product of many hours of training.

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