Colin Edwards gets wet and talks about CRTs
Colin Edwards gets wet and talks about CRTs

The CRT "affair" I think I am not wrong when I say that is becoming the soap opera of the year. The regulations are there, the official motorcycles too. Opinions around this topic are like that part of the body where the back loses its chaste name and it is already known that each person spends one of that. On paper it seems that the differences with the official motorcycles can be bulky. Some think that they are SBK models camouflaged by a cloak called technical regulations, especially when looking at the controversial Aprilia prototype.

But regardless of technique and rules, another thing is the sensations on the track left by the CRT, and nobody better than a pilot of the stature of Colin Edwards to solve some unknowns. In addition Colin Edwards will compete this 2012 season at the controls of the CRT of the NGM Forward Racing team combining a Suter chassis with a BMW engine. Still upset with a shoulder injury, Colin Edwards clears any doubts before the Sepang tests on January 31st.


For Colin Edwards, CRTs have a lot of potential and expects changes in the electronics for the Sepang tests according to the data they were able to accumulate in the first rounds that were held in Jerez.

According to the Texan pilot, the most important thing is to tune the electronics, even before touching the chassis, for example. Sepang is a demanding circuit and claims to settle for a time of 2'02 or 2'03. In the last GP held in Malaysia with the Tech3 Yamaha, Colin Edwards set a 2'02 in qualifying practice obtaining the fourth best time. Dani Pedrosa with a 2´01 means marked the best time of that day. On being the only BMW rider on the grid and differentiating them from the official ones, he stated:

The brave American pilot says that Moto2 has definitely opened the eyes of many in the Motorcycling World Championship and that when the differences are large, everything happens to limit the potential of the fastest and lighten the slowest in favor of fairness. The question according to Colin Edwards is:it is unfair to impose limits on manufacturers? We await the answer during this 2012 season.

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