Italians skidding on Valentino Rossi's ranch
Italians skidding on Valentino Rossi's ranch

In December we saw how Valentino Rossi and Antonio Cairoli had a great time at the ranch baptized as La Biscia, name in the purest Andalusian style to refer to a snake. The ranch is made up of a large farm owned by Valentino Rossi very close to his hometown, Tavullia. There, an off road complex is being built which also has two buildings of 1,100 square meters in total that Rossi intends to reform to turn them into a private leisure and fun resort. Since there will be a workshop area, rooms, common game rooms and a museum that can be visited by the public. All in the purest style of the Kenny Roberts Training Ranch that served as inspiration.

On this occasion, Gpone's colleagues have given us the video that you can see below, in which we can verify that the works are going at a good pace as far as the circuit is concerned and that Valentino does not stop promoting his ranch with all his Italian friends who are passing through the circuit to test it and that will surely contribute aspects to improve by being all great pilots of different specialties.

We already knew that one of the trainings that Valentino Rossi likes to practice from a very young age when his father Graziano took him to train in an abandoned quarry, is precisely to use a dirt bike with a wheel. studded front and smooth back, in order to be able to skid constantly.

On this occasion, the La Biscia ranch was taken to Mauro sanchini, former Superbike rider, Mattia Pasini and Andrea Iannone to have a great time skidding with all kinds of motorcycles. Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki in any of it we can see Valentino Rossi and his friends having a fun day until the sun goes down.

Despite the fact that the “La Biscia” farm is a private compound, the Italian champion has made a commitment to the Mayor of Tavullia, Bruno Del Moro, to open to the public periodically even with the possibility of holding a race on the off road circuit.

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