The new KTM 690 Duke will be the official motorcycle of the European Junior Cup
The new KTM 690 Duke will be the official motorcycle of the European Junior Cup

More than a year ago, I was talking about the European Junior Cup, the competition created to bring out the young talents of world motorcycling. Something like the Red Bull Rookies Cup, but linked to the World Cup Superbikes instead of to MotoGP. 2012 will be its second year, and it comes with a good number of new features. The most important, the official motorcycle, which last year was the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, and that this will be the new KTM 690 Duke. What fun the boys are going to have!

Of course, the Austrian brand is going to do its best, and will present a model according to the demands of the competition. Needless to say, everyone will have the same bike. Thus, the KTM 690 Duke will stay at 140 kg dry, and will have special brakes Brembo or escape Akrapovic among many other details such as the lower handlebar. In short, it will provide a perfect bike to get all the potential of these guys. In addition, KTM leaves nothing to the imagination and will become part of the name of the championship, renamed KTM Europan Junior Cup. Let's continue with more news …

And it is that they are not few, since a year of experience goes a long way and they have known how to improve what it already offered. Thus, the age limit is extended from seventeen to nineteen, following the minimum age of fourteen. Yes indeed, enrollment increases by a thousand euros, going to 19,950, almost nothing. And we already know that no matter how good you are, if you don't have money behind it, things get very complicated.

In any case, the price increase is justified if we take into account that, in addition to the motorcycle, tires, technical assistance or gasoline, this year some pilot classes are included Simon Crafar and they will have two more races on the calendar. In this way, the circuits they will visit are: Assen, Monza, Misano, Aragon, Brno, Silverstone, Nurburgring and Magny Cours, coinciding with the Superbike World Championship events. In fact, they will race between the Supersport race and the second Superbike race. By the way, they will also have a pre-season test in the circuit of Cartagena next march.

Last year the Australian took the title Matt Davies, that will compete in 2012 in the Europe Superstock 600. And that is one of the prizes that the winner will receive, to be part of that grid, along with 23,000 euros in cash that although it would be great for more than one, the winner will almost be given only to cover the registration costs. In short, what I have already said, a great opportunity for talented young people and an abundant portfolio. Of course, the change of motorcycle seems to me to be better, much better.

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