Husqvarna Baja Concept, an affordable dirt bike concept
Husqvarna Baja Concept, an affordable dirt bike concept

It is clear that Husqvarna's design office is on fire. And it is also in a state of alarm because last year's economic results were not as good as expected. So I imagine that the gentlemen of the tie have told the designers that they are already slow to produce a product that sells a lot to clean up the brand. The result could be this Husqvarna Baja Concept, a motorcycle that by its own design looks much closer to the general public than any other more specific off-road motorcycle. Will it be the Ducati Monster from Husqvarna? We are going to review a little more detail the information that we have to see if it is the panacea that it seems.

The first thing that stands out is this retro line that is so fashionable lately. Because a fashion is nothing more than what some (those who sell) want us to wear others (those who buy) But since everyone does not have the feet to wear Manolos, pret-a-porter fashion was invented. Something that we could apply to the classic line motorcycles that attract many nostalgic users of a long lost youth.

Husqvarna Baja Concept

Looking back at the month of November, Husqvarna already presented us at the EICMA Show in Milan 2011 the prototype that they called Husqvarna Concept MOAB. Now they have gone a step further and I think that based on that concept they now bring us a motorcycle with a line very similar to that one, but much more retro inspiration and something more "from the field" but the ruco of these concepts and prototypes is something more than tested and known. The single cylinder engine of Rotax provenance that already powers the range BMW G. A 650cc four-valve DOHC cylinder head, powered by electronic injection, delivering 48hp at 6,500rpm.

In the chassis section, nothing spectacular or revolutionary design is appreciated, the inverted fork does not seem very spectacular either and the brakes bear the signature of Brembo. In the side view it seems that overall the bike will not be very tall. The only thing that we see different is the system of small LED lamps that replace the conventional headlight, but that we already know from the Husqvarna Concept MOAB and the instrument panel that seems to be taken directly from the Galactic movie. I repeat that at the moment there are no official data so all this is speculation. How long will it take to see the final model? Only the gentlemen with the ties know, but I think I would not be very wrong if I ventured that by early next fall we will have a new Husqvarna on the street.

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