Victory Judge, American Muscle Bike
Victory Judge, American Muscle Bike

Yes, the boys of Polaris Industries have already presented a model of the 2013 range which will also be on sale next April in the USA. The Victory Judge aspires to be a Muscle Bike to reign in the North American market against its sister cousins ​​from Milkwaukee. For this they have taken the motor Freedom 103/6 of 1,731 cc and around it they have mounted a motorcycle of those that are only made in that part of the world. With a classic round headlight, 16-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, fairly flat handlebars and wheels that, by the established canon, we could even say are narrow. Because a 130/90 at the front and a 140/90 at the rear seem like little rubber compared to the excess of the rest of the bike.

Well, maybe not excessive, because what they are looking for is that the appearance of the motorcycle is muscular but at the same time offers a certain sporty air. Of course, with that more than one and a half liters of engine, the six-speed gearbox will hardly even know it, because the torque data is more than 153 Nm. The power is not declared anywhere, more than anything because it does not seem the most influential data when buying a motorcycle like this. What they do declare is the weight of the motorcycle, which will be in 300 kg dry. Other noteworthy details are the seat height, 658mm, the wheelbase length, 1647mm, and the ground clearance, which is only 120mm.

The price (remember that it is only for sale in the USA) starts at $ 13,999. Available colors are Gloss Black (Glossy black) Sunset Red (Red sunset) Suede Nuclear Sunset (Suede nuclear sunset) Finally, to get an idea of ​​how this new American Muscle Bike is doing, Victory has uploaded a promotional video that looks pretty good.

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