Brutus Electric Motorcycles, the electric custom made in America
Brutus Electric Motorcycles, the electric custom made in America

Very American looking, very massive no matter where you look because in the country of the stars and stripes they are very given to the big donkey, whether it walks or not. In this case, to be a model powered by an electric motor, go ahead, but we'll see that later. The important thing is that you think about electric motorcycles And that is quite a success in these times and more on the other side of the pond that have no qualms about the cost of fuel and regarding polluting emissions.

The Brutus according to its designer, Chris Bell, it's a very modern cruiser sport. This American builder has designed it all. From cars and motorcycles to hotels, houses and casinos. His goal is to bring complicated tabletop designs to life. Nevertheless, this Brutus should be logical with autonomy and figures within the practical as well as a manageable maintenance. And all as we say, in an electrical key.


Wheels and swingarm come off sports car origin and the multi-tube chassis is reminiscent of the Ducati Diavel. Not so much in pure and hard similarity but in concept. The Brutus is the second in a saga that it is made entirely by hand in the United States and that you can easily upgrade your components if the manufacturer decides to add other components to later models. It is therefore an upgradeable motorcycle.

The batteries that power your drive are made of lithium polymers almost maintenance-free for 50,000 kilometers and its full charge is made in three hours connected to a conventional electrical network. By means of a digital display and an intelligent data collection they are always ready to give the maximum performance and optimize charge and discharge cycles from the same.

About 100 miles or almost 161 kilometers is the minimum autonomy that for daily use it may be adequate, although there is still a lot of work to be done in this regard, especially if what you want is to take a long route. In principle the Brutus has not been designed for this purpose but it has fully adjustable suspensions for the sake of comfort.

A five-speed gearbox is coupled to the engine and the entire motorcycle assembly goes to the 243 kg, a respectable figure. With that weight they ensure acceleration figures of almost 100 kilometers per hour in less than five seconds and the maximum speed could be around 160 kilometers hour. Not bad for a segment of large and bulky motorcycles in which, luckily, electric drive technology also has a place.

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