Second victory for Toni Bou in Geneva
Second victory for Toni Bou in Geneva

The second quote from X-Trial World Championship It was played last weekend in the Swiss city of Geneva and again Toni Bou has taken the victory, in this case ahead of the Sherco driver Albert cabestany and his teammate Repsol Montesa Honda Takahisa fujimani.

Although Toni Bou dominated the test again, it was Adam raga who was placed at the top of the leaderboard after Montesa's left a penalty foot in one of the zones. Jeroni Fajardo, Albert Cabestany and Takahisa Fujimani rounded out the six drivers who would advance to the semifinal.

Toni Bou

It was in this phase where Toni Bou began to make a difference since he only penalized six points while Albert Cabestany and Adam Raga, the next two best drivers, were left ten and eleven points. Young Loris Gubian and Jeroni Fajardo failed to reach the final.

Already in it, Toni Bou won all three races in parallelNot so Albert Cabestany, who lost all three and had to come back from behind. Adam Raga, with two failures, ended up off the podium while a beautiful duel between Sherco and Takahisa Fujimani was established, which would be resolved in favor of the Spanish thanks to his better score in the qualifying phase.

In the provisional general, Toni Bou increases his advantage on the second classified, who is now Albert Cabestany up to thirteen points. The next test will be this weekend, January 27 and 28 in Marseille.

Takahisa fujimani

Declarations of Toni Bou:

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