Karel Abraham presents the Ducati GP12 of the Cardion AB Motoracing
Karel Abraham presents the Ducati GP12 of the Cardion AB Motoracing

Contrary to what we had seen in recent years, this time Ducati did not bring Madonna di Campiglio the long-awaited Desmosedici GP12. For some it shows how lost the Italians are with the development of MotoGP, for others a simple delay that will not affect the performance of Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden in the next Sepang tests. So much secrecy, so much mystery … so that good old Karel Abraham and the Cardion Ab Motoracing show up, present your gear and drop the first data of the Bologna prototype.

As was the case last season, Karel has not been foolish when it comes to showing the team that will accompany him during the MotoGP adventure. The presentation was a real party in which to celebrate another year in the premier class of the only rider from the Czech Republic. We do not know how true the data provided by the team may be, but the truth is that we can already point out that They have won 15cv, reaching a top speed of more than 360km / h.

Ducati GP12 from Cardion AB

Apart from this we also find a simple but revealing comparison between the GP11 and the GP12:

Ducati Desmosedici GP12

Weight: dry 155 kg

Top speed:> 360 km / h

0 to 100 km / h: 2.6 s

Power: 250 hp

Ducati Desmosedici GP11

Weight: dry 150 kg

Top speed:> 340 km / h

0 to 100 km / h: 2, 7 s

Power: 235 cv

To this has been added the verification of the displacement they use: 999cc. Although it is not an enlightening information that can affect the development of the machine nor does it give new clues to its opponents, it is curious how Ducati has made an effort to keep the entire crew of mechanics and drivers silent so they have bypassed the Czech's introduction. However, it is only a guess and they may already be so close to the final model that they can indulge in leaving the first details.

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