Emulating Ghost Rider with Streetbike Full Blast game
Emulating Ghost Rider with Streetbike Full Blast game

For some time now, seeing me sitting in airport waiting rooms has become a very common scene for me. Normally, and in favor of taking advantage of the time, one tries to be somewhat productive and work a little thanks to the technology that allows us to be connected at all times through laptops. Or I can dedicate myself to leisure by reading an article on Motorpasión Moto, listening to a podcast or riding a motorcycle.

Yes, you read that right, riding a motorcycle. This is how I start the new model that I just bought. Next to me I have a family sitting with three children and an executive in a suit. I don't think the roar of my large-displacement motorcycle bothers them since I have headphones on. And without even filming the motorcycle or warming it up previously I go full throttle down the road dodging everything I find in my step and knee to the ground in each curve. The fact is that I am emulating Ghost Rider but without endangering my integrity or that of others. And without radars or fines, a joy. Well, you obviously already suppose that I am talking about a game.


And I say emulating since the game that we bring you to Motorpasión Moto takes place on the street between buses, cars, delivery trucks and other motorcycles. In this way, the company Chillingo Ltd proposes this StreetBike Full Blast as a pastime, a game for the iOS system common to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

I am not exactly of the gamer generation, I do not have nor have I ever had a console. I'm still a board game romantic With the popular Scrabble com my favorite, but I must admit that on current mobile phone platforms and at the price that the software offers us, even the less fan of games like me can end up buying one from time to time.


And it is that 0, 79 euro cents does not kill the slightest in personal spending, although for developer companies these small amounts can be a goldmine. Tell the creators of WhatsApp, Huh? I am not going to tire you by analyzing the game in detail because for this price I do not think that an exhaustive review is decisive to analyze its possible purchase.

Let's see, has what they have this type of games. Simplicity in the form of several circuits, game modes to play alone or with more competitors although the dynamics itself is repetitive. Bonus to pass the level and buy more powerful motorcycles. Typical tests such as night races and options such as two game viewing angles and a small previous map of the route that we will find.


Everything taking advantage of the usual accelerometers of iOS hardware products to turn our motorcycle by moving the device or using its touch version. Possibility of playing online and of a store where you can buy new motorcycles or access to higher levels if you do not have the patience to progress through the game little by little. Personally I think that to someone who is not a motorcycle fan it is a product that will not say anything but for a more technological biker, like many of you, it is a good game that will be quickly amortized for its low purchase price. For my taste, a recommended purchase.

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