The end of the British Superbikes 2011 from the box and the inevitable comparison with the CEV
The end of the British Superbikes 2011 from the box and the inevitable comparison with the CEV

You will agree with me in saying that British Superbikes is one of the best national championships in the world, but the best, at least as far as entertainment is concerned. We will also agree on how exciting last season was when the title was decided by a difference of six thousandths in the last race at the tremendous Brands Hatch circuit. About that last lap to the edge of the limit I wanted to talk to you today.

Tommy Hill and John Hopkins were ready for the last battle with a fancy viewer like James Ellison. From that moment we have seen images ad nauseam and in Great Britain Tommy Hill walks through radios and televisions talking about such an epic victory. To show that I am not exaggerating I have recovered one of the most exciting points of view that can be had, The one in the box full of people from the Samsung Crescent Suzuki team. There was also a camera and this is what he was able to pick up.

Because if there is a point in which the BSB gives a good review to the rest of the nationals is in support of local fans. Its drivers are well known, they sign autographs everywhere and the stands, natural or not, are filled with people for each race. It may only be an effect of not having the facilities of World Cup circuits like Cheste or Montmeló but a BSB test is a party, on a different day of the year.

And regarding the latter I would like to ask a question to the air, What about our CEV? We have some of the best circuits in Europe and the world, the drivers who aspire to big dreams fight for a hole on the grid but nevertheless it seems that they do not receive all the media support that they should. I am convinced that a good fault is the non-promotion, apart from some advertisements on the buses of the cities that host it. And the responsible in this case is Dorna, that seems to treat with contempt a championship a great potential. They still rely on the high traffic of pilots between the World Championship and the CEV thanks to having very similar categories, but why are there CEV winning pilots who have no place? For example, the year Stefan Bradl was champion, so was Graeme Gowland, a young talent who had to pack his bags and return to England. If that pool of champions does not go beyond the boys and girls who use it as a springboard, the championship simply remains there, a springboard of no interest to the spectator.

Television and specifically Mediaset with its channel Energy can do you a big favor if they manage to publicize the careers that are lived in our national. Hopefully we will see full stands.

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