Driving on ice to the rhythm of Rossini
Driving on ice to the rhythm of Rossini

At the time we already talked about the feat of these two "nuts" who went to ride with their Harley Davidsons on the northernmost road in the world. But the photos that illustrated that article were not sufficiently revealing of what it means roll at -42º with thermal sensations of -60º Just as we could not see the difficulties involved in starting an engine at that temperature in which even thoughts freeze.

The setting is amazing, because the road that connects Tuktoyaktuk with Inuvik it's 150 km of ice on the McKenzie River and the Beaufort Sea. Practicable only in the winter months, it has already been the scene of some adventure programs such as Jesse James's Dead Man, who toured it on a BMW R1200GS, a motorcycle that seems much more suitable for the company than these two Harley Davidsons. Because no matter how many spike wheels you put on one 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead and 2006 Harley Davidson ShovelheadBoth with rigid chassis, it is not the environment for which they were designed.

Last year the 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead participated in an exhibition at the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK) on culture, customization and Harley Davidson. I imagine that with the passing of time they will have already been able to defrost the motorcycle. Finally, and seeing these exploits of the people, I imagine that for the return home they will use alternative transport, because if it is already difficult to make the journey back home when you go on a trip there, having to do it in these extreme conditions will not be dish to anyone's liking. Or is it that in Inuik there is a warehouse full of the motorcycles of the "nuts" that go there?

The music belongs to the "overture" of Gioachinno Rossini's Gazza Ladra, which has nothing to do with the MotoGP rider.

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