Vespa in Bangkok, a matter of survival
Vespa in Bangkok, a matter of survival

Thanks to Esteban we have received the clue of this interesting video published by our friends from Diario del Viajero. In it we can see something that we could classify as extreme survival of a vehicle. Since according to the reporter of the channel Al Jazeera English In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, in this huge Asian city (more than 11 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area) there is an interesting Vespa park that still continues to do the job for which they were designed more than 60 years ago. Function that is none other than being a utility vehicle.

As they say in the video the Vespa remains superior to other motorcycles for its robustness and mechanical simplicity. A simplicity that allows that with a minimum knowledge of mechanics you can keep it running and robustness that makes it practically a single piece of sheet metal. Thus we see some motorcycles that have survived the years incorporating parts of other more modern motorcycles without losing a point of their functionality. What I do not agree with is the part where they say that spare parts for these motorcycles can be expensive. I don't know how they will be in Thailand, but in Europe you can find what you want for almost four dollars if you know where to look.

It is incredible how crushed the Vespa that we see in the report is, and the poor thing there is working daily and doing her job. Of course, with the added pieces that anyone wears, it is the pimp who guesses the original model and the date of manufacture. Although I would dare to say that it is a Vespa Rally 180, from the early seventies, but who knows.

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