"The bird" returned to the nest due to the crisis
"The bird" returned to the nest due to the crisis

For the month of August we told you how in the community of Castilla-La Mancha they hunted flies with cannon shots. We were amazed at how at the beginning of the year a helicopter from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of said community, supported by ground operations and spending huge amounts of money, he was dedicated to "hunting" endureros practicing his favorite sport. Resulting in the best of cases the imposition of an administrative fault.

Well, according to what our friends from AMVER in Castilla-La Mancha tell us, it seems that the new heads of the Ministry have decided to stop the absurdity of doing fly a helicopter to impose administrative fines. Now "the bird" is in the nest from where it should not leave, except for more serious operations such as fires, transfers of patients, disappearances, as it should have always been.

Volunteer endurers in Galicia

Lately we find autonomous communities that do not know very well how to legislate access to the mountain. It seems that each one "pulls on its own" without a common criterion. And the sad thing is that some make the same mistakes they already made in the past, other. Thus, one of the most advanced in this regard as is the Catalan community. Now remedying past mistakes, adopt solutions such as “Green card”, Which the Catalan government has approved these days to boost the economy in rural areas throughout the region.

We hope that other communities such as the Castilian of La Mancha will continue on this right path and not give in to absurd pressures like those of the ecologists of this region. That they ask the administration to declare the Sierra de San Vicente as a Natural Park, for the simple fact that Toledo does not have a park in the province.

Volunteering in Defense of Monte Gallego

Or that in Galicia they realize the absurdity that they are going to commit in a community where all the users of the mountain included the bikers set an example and we could see them helping in innumerable tasks for the care and surveillance of the mountain. But of course, it is easier to cover your eyes to the reality of what is happening in other communities and send to hell a situation of collaboration between all users of the mountain, motorized and non-motorized, with a ban.

Hopefully the common sense continue to prevail, as this good news shows us and we can all enjoy our beautiful places by helping to care for them and to develop these areas that suffer from crises more than others.

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