Circular internal combustion engine, Another rare to the collection
Circular internal combustion engine, Another rare to the collection

What you are seeing is not a Cinexin even though it may seem like it. Don't you know what a Cinexin is? Wow, another article with which I betray my age…. It was a home cinema projector that delighted the little ones a few years ago. But let's get to the topic, as a friend told me, the nougat !. Then this casing that you see is an internal combustion engine. Specifically, a circular model from the Californian company CircleCycle.

Do not look for an engine block as you will not find it. Neither crankshaft turning with its connecting rods, nor intake and exhaust valves. The device has its crumb as it is about matching pistons and cylinders by circular turns. Three versions of eight and four cylinders have evolved running on propane, natural gas and direct injection with other fuels such as the usual diesel fuel. Its uses include generators and as auxiliary equipment for cars and light trucks but the manufacturer does not rule out using it in high-performance vehicles. The best thing is to watch a couple of videos of this circular motor to better understand this system.

In this case you can see in the first video an animation montage where, in slow motion, you can see the operation of the most important moving parts of this type of engine. In CircleCycle ensure low consumption and very contained weight together with high efficiency. For the assembly in vehicles that use traditional gasoline, they say that it is the ideal companion of the hybrid type that also mount an electric motor.

In this second video you can see the engine in operation powered by propane. There is no doubt that it is a curious system, although as we see it, of doubtful utility for the motorcycle. But it is not necessary to close in band and perhaps some hybrid solution for motorcycles with an alternative internal combustion propeller is possible, before the electric ones get to take serious positions in the market. Do youAnd a city scooter and extra radio with a circular motor of a cylinder feeding another electric motor? Who knows?. For the moment we leave you this curiosity in Motorpasión Moto.

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