Making of the video; You're late darling, so there you stay
Making of the video; You're late darling, so there you stay

Last Three Kings Day we published the video You're late darling, so there you stay in the one in which to advertise Breitling watches they put planes and custom motorcycles in the same bag, each one piloted by what we could qualify as beautiful people. A few days later, we received a message from the MotorpasiĆ³n Moto email from the people who were in charge of the aerial shots of the video in which they showed us the Making Of. And since the meat is weak and having a plane like the North American Mustang P-51D in the middle, I couldn't resist posting this second video.

It is incredible the one that is mounted to get those images so good and so close, either from the plane or the motorcycle with its driver. Because on the plane they give us a pig for a hare, changing the real pilot for another, I imagine that with the hours necessary to fly one of these jewels with wings. But on the motorcycle there is neither cheating nor cardboard, because they cannot put someone who drives the motorcycle in the place of the blonde model that we see. And that in the video we see a driver doing the acrobat on top of the motorcycle. I imagine it will be the owner or the manufacturer of the motorcycle. Unfortunately there is not much more information about that custom bike, but as they say out there it looks very nice and nothing is out of place in the video. Of course, since last kings day my wallpaper is a picture from this video. Guess which one?

Thanks to Garance meillon down the track.

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