G-Impact; Japanese extreme enduro
G-Impact; Japanese extreme enduro

While I saw on the website of our friends from VOROMV how there are two ways to go down a six meter high step with an Enduro motorcycle. I compulsively watched the videos of this Japanese extreme test, called G-Impact. Undoubtedly encouraged by the first rains and snows that are already leaving the roads at their optimum point, to get muddy and complicate life with minimal difficulty. So all of us who practice this modality already have a crazy desire to go out into the field that for the moment we are calming down with these videos.

Besides, it seemed to me that I was watching, every time I found a new video of G-Impact the version motorized from the mythical program "Yellow Humor". In fact I think I have even found the “Chino Cudeiro” with a white helmet and riding his Yamaha. But you better see it with your own eyes so that we will know if we coincide.

As you can see in this test, each one manages as best he can to pass the obstacles that the organization has prepared for the participants within the limited area. And this impressive wall made with the blow of an excavator is not to be taken as a joke. It takes a lot of cold blood to dive down and achieve a landing that allows you to continue up the next ramp.

From what we can see, the Japanese extreme Enduro test is not only open to all types of mounts, Enduro, Cross, 4T, 2T, but also the level of the participants when facing obstacles it is quite diverse. I have already chosen my particular "Chino Cudeiro".

What is yours?

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