John McGuinness, it's good to be fast, fat and old
John McGuinness, it's good to be fast, fat and old

Following the promotion of a challenge that MCN has presented to Chris Walker, Ian Hutchinson, David Knight, Dougie Lampkin, Neil Hodgson and himself John mcguinnes, the Isle of Man TT Champion says that it's good to be fast, fat and old. He will soon turn 40 (April 16, 1972) and in his record we find 17 victories on the Isle of Man, in addition to the fastest lap ever given on the mountain circuit at 131.578 mph (211.75 km / h) More than enough to crown him king of the island, but despite all this he does not lose perspective and shows himself as just another fan with his motorcycle rolling around London.

It is curious that the characters they have searched for this Gymkhana are already quite grown up, because the youngest is Ian Hutchinson who is already 32 years old followed by David Knight with 33 and Dougie Lampkin with 35. The veterans are Neil Hodgson with 38 years, Chris Walker, 39, and the aforementioned John McGuinnes, also 39, almost forty. I wonder if in Spain it would be possible to organize an event like this with the assistance of the great motor sportsmen of our country.

We are not going to pretend to teach anyone, nor do I hope that some pilots will imitate him or simply look at him as an example. Another rooster would sing to us if some star raised by the media to the sky and beyond had a tenth of knowing how to be of any of these guys who beat the copper between the curbs, lampposts and traps of the island circuit. Total then they are old and fat guys, but able to fly like real airplanes in low flight.

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