Either the Estoril circuit clears up, or we will have seventeen-race MotoGP World Championship
Either the Estoril circuit clears up, or we will have seventeen-race MotoGP World Championship

Unfortunately, we are no longer surprised by new news of a circuit in trouble after the problems at Jerez, Catalunya or Sachsenring. Now it is the turn of the Portuguese appointment of the MotoGP World Championship on Estoril, which has not yet been able to confirm its presence in the calendar for this 2012 due to the economic difficulties it is going through.

As you know the appointment is scheduled for next May 6, a week after Jerez, and according to Motorcycle News, Carmelo Ezpeleta He would have given the Portuguese circuit until next February, ensuring that Portugal has many problems and that they cannot force them. According to the same sources, if it could not finally be held, we would stay with one less race on the calendar, and of the eighteen that compose it we would go to seventeen, without the possibility of holding it in another circuit.

Of course, work has been accumulating lately for friend Ezpeleta, who as if he did not have enough to try to resolve the future that awaits MotoGP, increasingly faces more problems with the circuits that are part of the world championship. In this regard, it seems that it is not standing idly by, and the agreements signed with the new circuit of Texas (already in danger by the way) and Argentina, others could join very soon.

The loudest sounding names are South Korea and the India, with whom Carmelo is apparently negotiating for 2013. While other countries such as chili or Brazil They are also showing great interest. What does seem clear is that in no case would it exceed the eighteen tests that currently make up the calendar, so I am very afraid that there is an occasional circuit left over. Currently, of the eighteen races, twelve are held in Europe, and It seems that they seek to reach 50% of appointments outside of our continent.

It goes without saying that many ballots indicate that we will lose more than one Grand Prize for our Iberian Peninsula, but let us recognize that five careers taking into account the delicate economic situation in which we find ourselves, is too much, although we are the first to be harmed. This is also what the CEO of Dorna seems to think, who would have declared to MCN that so many races around here are creating problems for everyone, and that from 2013 they will be reduced to three. Of course, they would not have to be the same every year, and they could be alternated.

Anyway, the situation is complicated, and personally I am torn between the joy of seeing new circuits and scenarios for MotoGP, and the sadness that it would cause me if some circuits fell off the world calendar, and it is true that it is impossible to go to all the great prizes that are celebrated in our land (seven if we count Superbikes), but each one has its charm. In any case, The first thing I wish for now is that Estoril can solve your problems and we can enjoy three magnificent races next May 6 through those lands, as it should be! We'll talk about the rest …

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