Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies on Asian tour
Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies on Asian tour

Yes, Ben Spies is not seen in the photo, the reason for his absence was food indigestion, God knows that he ate good Ben Spies in those parts !. In this way Jorge Lorenzo is more alone than one in the presentation of the Yamaha Byson 150cc by Yamaha Motor Indonesia. And it is that Jorge Lorenzo is on an eastern journey and it is seen that he has stopped in Jakarta to encourage the sales of that Yamaha model with his image.

The Indonesian "performance" is already seen in the photograph. The one with the yellow shirt with the scared face and apocalyptic gesture, the one with the witch's hat and the white boots must surely be the funkiest in his neighborhood along with the two last generation sidereal Spice Girls. From behind the Yamaha Byson 150cc, we assume that hoping to bring joy and excitement to local parish trips. And the best, the face of Jorge Lorenzo that seems to say:but what am I painting here!.


I couldn't help offering you a little "joke" with the news, so, and with a photo of the two Yamaha riders, Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies, I explain the reason why they have passed through those eastern lands. Yamaha has sent them to Indonesia to give some talks and offer their knowledge and support to some guys who are the young promises of motorcycling in that Asian country. These guys run the Indonesia Yamaha R Series Cup and have been able to hear the advice of motorcycle champions first-hand.

Riding position on top of the bike, curve entry, overtaking and other techniques they have been touched in those days of talks. Jorge Lorenzo has commented that with good professionals who train these young promises, does not rule out that some of them could become a World Cup rider one day. Ben Spies for his part makes mention of the great warmth and affection with which they have been received. And the rest of the visit consisted of seeing the dealers that sell Yamaha in Indonesia and the presentation of the aforementioned Yamaha Byson 150cc with which this article opens in a humorous way. So, some in the Wrooom and others in Asia, here each team is doing preseason before this desired 2012 MotoGP World Championship begins.

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