Boss Hoss, the custom who humiliated a Dodge Viper SRT-10
Boss Hoss, the custom who humiliated a Dodge Viper SRT-10

I can imagine the scene, which Johnny English movie: swaggering thirty-something, cotton sweater tied around his neck accompanied by a woman of the style in a sports convertible smiling people stop at a traffic light. Next to it, a bearded man, more than half a century old, from the short sleeves that reveal his leather vest covered with plates, hairs appear everywhere without shame. Between the legs that cover worn jeans and with clear signs of not having been washed in months, a custom: a Boss Hoss. The first one, the one with the four wheels, laughs as he waits, stamping his foot on the gas, waiting for the green light bulb. The one with the custom smiles, waits patiently and when the traffic light gives you permission to squeeze the accelerator leaving behind a burnt wheel mark, smoke and the pride of someone who made the wrong opponent.

Allow me to have generalized so boldly but I am still amazed. I knew these motorcycles, which were brutality turned into a vehicle but I did not imagine that they could leave on the site, as who says, a whole Dodge Viper SRT-10. I can't say if what surprises me is the fact itself or that the Boss Hoss rider appears to be out for a ride rather than a professional test. If you keep reading after the jump we introduce you to the participants and the medium who came up with such a duel.

To be polite, we let the car first step. A Dodge Viper SRT10, a legend among American sports cars. 8400cc of -V8- V10 that develop more than 600hp, figures that would scare any motorcycle on the market but in practice are reduced to little if we face it with any superbike. But this is not the case, because the Germans from the Grip program put it on a straight next to a Boss Hoss BHC-3 LS3.

A motorcycle that takes the concept of custom to its maximum power and that has something in common with the Dodge. And it is that it also uses a V-engine but with eight cylinders and six liters capable of reaching 425cv and 574Nm of torque. Its big drawback is the weight, because compared to other motorcycles on the market this one takes the cake with 484kg dry or 761kg ready to roll until the end of the world. Let's say that that maxim of "less is more" has been passed by the Yankees wherever they wanted.

And now the managers. They are the people of the program Grip, a German show that airs on RTL focused on the motor world halfway between Top Gear and MotoJournalWell, like it or not, the language is not exactly funny. They are legit professionals anyway. I am sorry that I cannot translate the video moderately, but my German comes only to understand simplicities and figures of little interest, apart from those already mentioned. Although the outcome of the video I have already told you, do not miss the face of Mathias - the driver of the Viper -.

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