Official Harley Davidson engine rebuild service
Official Harley Davidson engine rebuild service

A few weeks ago we talked about how some brands build loyalty to their products and others don't. Today I bring you an example of the policy that Harley Davidson follows and that I am sure goes beyond the marketing of any other brand. On Motorcycles They have published a news story in which they tell us that Harley Davidson has a engine rebuilding and upgrade service for brand users.

That the engine of your motorcycle begins to lose the shine of when you bought it? Well, it couldn't be easier, you stop by your dealership and there they remove it from the motorcycle and They send it to the Harley Davidson headquarters where they will have a thorough review. Which means that they will take it apart, check the wear of all the parts, replace the ones that are out of measurements, they will put it back together and they will return it to you so that it looks like the first day on your motorcycle.

Also, if you wish and your pocket is enough, you can install cylinders with greater cubic capacity and some update depending on the engine model you have. The list of models includes all engines built from 1984 to present, through the Evolution 1340, and the entire range of Twin Cams. Models built after 1999 can also be fitted with a Big Bore Screamin 'Eagle Stage 1 EFI street legal kit (in USA).Finishes can also be customized by opting for black-polished silver, silver and chrome or black and chrome.

Checking the price list I only find the list of finishes, ranging from almost three thousand dollars for a 1340 V2 Evolution engine to just over four thousand dollars for a 2006 CVO engine. The rest of the works only say that the you can finance through your dealer. But what better way than your engine to go through the hands of Harley Davidson technicians to enjoy it again? Does anyone know if this service is available in Spain?

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