Carmelo Ezpeleta announces the line that the future MotoGP will follow
Carmelo Ezpeleta announces the line that the future MotoGP will follow

He did it at the Wrooom that the MotoGP Ducati team celebrated this past week and which we have talked about in these pages. Between so much snow and presentation days, it seems that the CEO of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta has made some statements about what in the near future, as of 2013, we will have in the MotoGP category saying that it will be totally different from what we see this year 2012.

To alleviate the crisis admits that all manufacturers must agree and states that it is talking with Ducati, Yamaha and Honda to publicize the future guidelines of the highest category around the month of May of this year 2012. The CRT matter takes on the utmost importance If you want to have a homogeneous grill, but personally I see 2012 as a year of processing for what is really coming.


Brands have always rejected cuts even in difficult times since for them, less budget is synonymous with less technological advance. Racing equipment may be very expensive, but if they make advances that allow a manufacturer good sales numbers on their series models by incorporating cutting-edge racing-derived technology, then high competition budgets are already worth it. They don't want to hear about the single switchboard as stated by Carmelo Ezpeleta:

CRT, the acronyms that we will not stop hearing in the future. Maybe now more than ever we need that SBK World Cup with really series derived bikes. I think that bringing the CRTs closer to the official prototypes based on the regulation limit is to put fences on the field, we will never end. Or it is possible that for contractual reasons it is not possible to do a clean slate.

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