The secret weapon of the BMW K 1600 GT
The secret weapon of the BMW K 1600 GT

On many occasions we have spoken that this or that motorcycle is a ground-to-ground missile, or on almost the same occasions we have thought about how good it would be for us to carry one of those missiles on the motorcycle to “clear” the panorama a bit in front of us. Well, BMW has almost made it a reality in the latest Touring of the German brand, the BMW K 1600 GT It seems that he is wearing this accessory, although no one is able to confirm the final price of the accessory or the spare parts.

Be that as it may, BMW Motorrad has had the best sales year in its history with 104,286 motorcycles, 6.4% more than the brand's forecast. And it is that no less than 4,232 motorcycles were delivered in the month of December 2011, 12, 4% more than the same month of 2010. The market share of motorcycles of more than 500 cc stands at 12%. In counterpart Husqvarna sold 23% less than expected and 26.1% less than the month of December 2010. So either they put the batteries fast in the apartment or the Husky will die shortly to save the most powerful brand.

Meanwhile I'm going to go to the dealer next door to ask the price of a missile reload.

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