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Radical Ducati 900 SS, the good, if brief, twice as good
Radical Ducati 900 SS, the good, if brief, twice as good

When Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramón put on their overalls, the work suit, not the racing suit, something is brewing in their specialist preparation workshop for the Bologna brand. Radical Ducati presents us with a modification from a Ducati 900 SS from the year 1992 that, as is customary in their creations, take away your hiccups. The level of detail and manual work is commendable and reflects the professionalism of this Madrid workshop.

The 900 SS is a difficult model to modify, and I say difficult because of the SS saga to which that motorcycle belongs until the 1998 one, I think they are the best-achieved sport-touring ducati in my opinion. In 1999 there is a fairly profound aesthetic change, apart from mechanical improvements. The so-called Terblanche come, alluding to the surname of its designer, a highly criticized South African but who did not leave anyone indifferent with his Ducati designs.


Therefore, to modify a 92 SS you have to be clear about what you are doing, How is the case. There are more chances to spoil the original than to do something different. It is a model that I would qualify as "sweetly rude" but very special, and highly sought after in second-hand markets. A few months ago I was able to test a copy of a strict series from the same year and It is one of those motorcycles that transports you to another dimension.Clutch, controls, throttle, seat, everything is hard and rough but it hooks you. The position is more sport than tourism, otherwise Ducati already has the defunct ST, and it is one of the things that I liked the most along with the handling and the feeling of being at ground level. But let's see the modifications that have been carried out the guys from Radical Ducati.

ducati-900-ss-side left

Radical Ducati 900 SS

  • Base model Ducati 900 SS year 1992 carburetion.

  • Modified chassis.

  • Handmade front bracket.

  • Original fuel tank.

  • Seat cowl and front fairing for Yamaha TZ 250 GP.

  • Ducati 851 front fender.

  • Tomaselli semi-handlebars.

  • Brembo PR19 master cylinder.

  • Ducati 848 clutch pump.

  • Ohlins rear shock.

  • Retarded footpegs SP.

  • Engine adapted to Dynojet Stage 2 carburetion kit.

  • Clutch thrust cylinder EVR.

  • Spark exhausts.


As can be seen in the photos the maxim of less is more is followed. There is little but well placed. The parts of the Yamaha TZ racing suit this bike better than well and the rest, except for the updating of the engine, is perhaps intended for use on the track as revealed by the set footpegs, the semi-handlebars, the rear Ohlins and above all the rubber on the sides of the Bridgestone BT-14.

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