The latest James Bond novel, presented in London
The latest James Bond novel, presented in London

And one james bond novel It could not be such if it does not include beautiful girls and high-end sports cars and even a motorcycle. Throughout the history of movies we have seen Agent 007 riding a number of motorcycles. In general, models that were the latest in the market at the time. And, of course, with these premises the presentation of the latest novel by the British agent could not be done otherwise. Although now the author is not Ian Fleming, if not Jeffery Deaver, a new author who takes over the saga.

But focusing on the presentation, in this case the London station of St. Pancras was chosen, and in it they put on the "show" in which the Royal Marines participated, who hung from the ceiling to take the first copy into the hands of the author. Also making an appearance was a Bentley Continental GT, which I imagine will be Bond's car in this novel, and a 1966 BSA Spitfire driven by Chesca Miles, a model who adds the title of singer and pilot of Stunt to her resume. There it is.

In his own words, driving the bike through the St. Pancras station in front of the Bentley and a cloud of photographers has been an honor. We will see if this novel reaches the cinema screens and who plays the role of Bond Girl in it. In the meantime this model-pilot does not do anything badIf we take into account that one of these motorcycles with the gearbox on the right foot and with the gears in the opposite direction is usually a challenge for those of us who are used to driving with the controls in the current position.