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Triumph Speed Triple, a balanced and versatile naked. Conclusions and photo gallery
Triumph Speed Triple, a balanced and versatile naked. Conclusions and photo gallery

During these days we have been gradually reeling off what the English model can offer us Triumph Speed Triple and, honestly, I have been very satisfied. To curl the curl we were forced to know how it was going in the back seat so I got into one of my two official fitting rooms and we went for a ride.

The seat is not very big although enough to sit more or less comfortably. The height of the stirrups is not excessive so we are not forced to bend our knees too much. Thanks to this we can make strength with our legs since the Triumph Speed Triple It does not have handles for the passenger. Our only possibility is to rely on the deposit.

Although the stirrups do not have any rubber protection, we will hardly feel vibrations unless we take the engine very low of turns. Finally, the leaks are very well insulated thermally, since neither the passenger nor the gap under the seat gets too hot despite having both silencers very close to the legs.

Triumph Speed Triple
Triumph Speed Triple

Finally, point out the consumption enough content of the Triumph Speed Triple. During the test, consumption was around six liters from medium to normal pace, pulling to light (part of the test was carried out on wet asphalt). With this we achieve a theoretical autonomy of a little less than 300 kilometers thanks to the 18 liters of capacity that the tank has. We have been able to verify a route of almost 250 kilometers until the reserve jumped.

Finally, I did not want to put aside the anecdote of the prick that I suffered at the end of the test. Thank goodness that in Motormanía they treat me like home. I'm still laughing at the words of Jose Viedma (Pepe) when I told him. "You've already broken it," he snapped between laughter. However, this small setback has not tarnished the good taste in my mouth that the Triumph Speed Triple.

Triumph Speed Triple
Triumph Speed Triple

Triumph Speed Triple, technical characteristics

  • Motor:
    • Type: 3-cylinder in-line, DOHC, 12-valve
    • Displacement: 1,050 cm³
    • Power max. dec.: 130 hp at 9,250 rpm
    • Torque max. dec: 103 Nm at 7,750 rpm
  • Transmission:
    • Clutch: Multi-disc in oil bath
    • Change: 6 speed speeds
    • Transmission: Sealed Chain
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: Showa inverted fork adjustable for preload, rebound and compression. 43 mm bars. 120mm of travel
    • Rear: Showa Monoshock shock adjustable in preload, rebound and compression. 134mm of travel
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Double floating disc, with radial 4-piston Brembo calipers. 2 discs of 320 mm diameter
    • Rear: Disc with Nissin 2-piston caliper. A 220mm diameter disc
  • Wheels:
    • Front: Multi-spoke aluminum alloy, 17 x 3.5. Tire 120/70 R17
    • Rear: Multi-spoke aluminum alloy, 17 x 5, 5. Tire 180/55 R17
  • Dimensions:

    • Overall length: 2,056 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,425 mm
    • Seat height: 830 mm
    • Fuel tank: 18 liters, 3.5 reserve
    • Average consumption: 6 liters
    • Dry weight: 217 kg
  • Assessment:
    • Engine: 9
    • Suspensions: 8
    • Brakes: 8, 5
    • Aesthetics: 8, 5
    • Rider comfort: 8, 5
    • Passenger comfort: 8
    • Average rating: 8, 41
    • In favor: Engine, agility, sound
    • Against: Seat hardness, clutch hardness, gear lever hardness
  • Price: 11.995 €

Note: the Triumph Speed Triple has been loaned by the Triumph Dealer for Asturias Motormanía. Gasoline expenses have been borne by us. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.