A good facelift from the official Superbikes website
A good facelift from the official Superbikes website

Taking advantage of the imminent second round of the World Superbike Championship in Portimao, the official website, worldsbk.com, has dawned this morning with a good number of changes and a more attractive design. And all this without substantially changing the options that it already offered, what they have done has been to increase them. It is also appreciated that it maintains more or less the same scheme, so the slowest in the class (like me) do not get lost.

From the outset, visually it makes me much happier and everything is clearer, but it is also accompanied by several important changes. Which are? Well, to start with, it has a new video section that links directly to the channel that exists in Youtube of Superbikes. It is also classified and looks pretty good, and I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but it loads perfectly and quickly. It can also be linked directly from the main page to the one they have in Facebook, which has endless interesting things.

Continuing with the new sections, we can directly access the official merchandising store of this championship (it appears as Ride SBK), I have already been taking a look at it and of course, I am craving several things. On the other hand, in the section that says Round info, We find very useful information for the next Superbike appointment. Thus, we will be able to follow the evolution of the weather, all the schedules of the different categories and even recommendations on how to get there, where to stay or where to eat. Very curious everything, really.

Another important change that they have introduced is regarding the languages, in the old version the information could only be seen in English or Italian, while now it can also be seen in German (good luck!). Although yes, in some news, I suppose that the most important, can also be read in French and Spanish! (I can finally understand something …). This can be seen in the news they have made about the Portimao preview, where at the end it appears the option to see it in our language (All a respite for the former students of Opening).

Finally, in the classic statistics section, we will now find all the data from the year 1988, almost nothing! In fact in that same year we can see a certain Mick doohan (That name sounds familiar to me …) winning some championship races. Personally, I love this option, names end up appearing that you hardly even remember and they bring back good memories.

Well, nothing, I invite you to see if you find more news, which surely there are and they have escaped me. At the moment, it seems to me that they improve a page a lot that for me, was already one of the most pleasant to see and dive through it. One last detail, a countdown appears with the time remaining for the appointment to begin in Portimao… run clock, run! We have less …

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