My brief history with "Aspar" when he turns 30 years dedicated to the motorcycle
My brief history with "Aspar" when he turns 30 years dedicated to the motorcycle

You are going to allow me to tell you a chapter of my life related to motorcycles that I have perfectly engraved in my memory. It was the year 1987, I was only 6 years old. It was night and my father took me to SOL, a trendy nightclub in the city of Vigo where I lived. My father took me there because someone special was coming, someone who everyone admired and someone who continues to be an active part of the world of two wheels.

That someone was Jorge Martínez "Aspar", who arrived in Vigo with the Derby with which he had already won the Motorcycle World Championship the previous year. It had been brought there by Juan Luis Carro, the owner of the Movisa dealership, which even today continues to be a Derbi dealership in Vigo.

I remember perfectly that it was an act of presentation of "Aspar" and that in the famous disco, now converted into a decoration shop, many people crowded around the stage. I was without a doubt the youngest in the place, a "dwarf" who went unnoticed between people's legs. My only intention during the event was to see "Aspar's" motorcycle up close, and getting to be with him was something unthinkable …

As you can see in the photo Not only did I get to be with Jorge Martínez "Aspar", but he let me get on his motorcycle so they could take some pictures of me. I, with my little meter and little height, could not reach the handlebar or stretch. But he helped me and posed with me for the photo.

Hector Ares
Hector Ares

That day it was etched in my memory, it was something very special for me. It was the first time I had seen a motorcycle from the world motorcycle championship in person, and it was the first time that I was with a rider of his stature.

Looking back 23 years ago from that moment, and reviewing the information now sent by Team Aspar, Jorge has spent 30 years dedicated to the world of motorcycles. First as a rider and now as a team manager, "Aspar" has given everything for the bikes and it shows that he has them in his blood.

Just yesterday it was celebrated an act at the Prince Felipe Museum in Valencia to celebrate 30 years of "Aspar" on motorcycles, It was attended by motor personalities such as Ángel Nieto, Alfonso Rus, Adrián Campos, Santi Rabasa and the ex-pilot Pablo Nieto. Of course, there were also two of the three World Champions of the Aspar team, Julián Simón and Álvaro Bautista.

"Aspar" would look back and say:

From here I want to thank "Aspar" for his dedication to the bike. Without people like him, this sport would not have reached the dimension that it has in our country. Now I realize that I did well to hang on the wall of my room, the day after I got off his Derbi, a poster signed by him.

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