Fonsi Nieto wants to go all out in Moto2. Will it still have some sparkle?
Fonsi Nieto wants to go all out in Moto2. Will it still have some sparkle?

The beginning of the new season is approaching, we all start to get a little nervous as the hours go by. All but Fonsi Nieto, who says he is calm in the face of the start of the season because he has changed "several times the motorcycle, the team and even the championship" and therefore is not afraid to what is going to be found in Moto2.

Fonsi is physically preparing himself in Sierra Nevada, at the High Performance Center and combining his activities with days of skiing. The kid doesn't have a bad time …

According to Fonsi Nieto, “the expectations for this season are the maximum”, that is to say, it aims to be the reference for Moto2. Will he be able to do it after his time on Superbikes? Will Fonsi Nieto still have the spark that he showed when he was runner-up in 250 cc. in 2002?

Personally, I consider that riding a motorcycle is like riding a bike, you never forget it. What usually causes performance downturns is more lack of motivation than the lack of manners on the bike. And we must not forget that motorcycling is a risky sport, a sport in which when you are looking to lower that tenth you can go to the ground with its consequences.

And sincerely, I have my doubts that Fonsi Nieto has the necessary motivation to be ahead in the Moto2 World Championship. The competition is also going to be really strong, let's not forget that riders like Gabor Talmacsi, Simone Corsi, Toni Elías, Andrea Ianonne and Julián Simón, among others, arrive with a lot of desire to be the first world champions in the new category.

Last night the new G22-Holiday Gym team was presented in Madrid in which Fonsi Nieto will race with a Moriwaki prototype under the baton of his cousins Gelete and Pablo Nieto. Joining Fonsi will be the young rider Yannick Guerra, a rider who may be a great unknown to all of you (just like me) but who has raced with 600 cc motorcycles in the European Superstock Championship.

It will undoubtedly be one of the goals we all set ourselves this season, and I sincerely hope I'm wrong when I say that I have doubts about what the Madrid rider will be able to achieve this year.

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