Hen and Valentino Rossi AGV GP-Tech Helmet Limited Edition
Hen and Valentino Rossi AGV GP-Tech Helmet Limited Edition

AGV is going to put on sale a very limited edition of only 250 units of the helmet that Valentino Rossi used to celebrate his ninth World Championship. That helmet in which a hen had just laid an egg labeled number nine at the Malaysian GP. The helmet, like all the others used by Valentino, was designed by Aldo drudi as a joke referring to the age of Valentino, who despite his 31 years is still capable of winning world championships.

The helmet itself is a AGV GP-Tech of the high-end of the brand. The outer part is made of carbon-kevlar with the interior completely removable and made of hypo-allergenic material. It has a ventilation system integrated into the shell of the helmet and mounts a Race X anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate screen with Tear-Off system as if you were a true professional pilot. In addition, this screen is a quick extraction system that does not need any tools. The closure of the helmet is with the double-D system, which may not be the most comfortable, but it is the safest.

The helmet comes in a box that is also limited edition, which is sure to become a true collector's item for fans of the Tavullia pilot. Although the price has not yet been made public, I am sure that it will not fall below 600 euros (if not more) since any other helmet in that series is around that price and is not as exclusive as this one. But even I, who am quite discreet with the helmets that I have owned, would be able to buy a helmet like that.

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