Brunnhilde, making the most of your motorcycle's resources
Brunnhilde, making the most of your motorcycle's resources

What if you are planning a 12,000 km trip through northern Europe and Scandinavia and you do not want to walk depending on looking for hotels or accommodation? Well, the easy solution is to mount a motorcycle sidecar that can be transformed into a tent for one person. Thus Brunnhilde nation, who has accompanied Jinono on his adventure throughout 2010.

This is kind of like when you transform the van into a motorhome, but on a different level. The homologation and the most complicated work have been done in BCS-concept, which are some French specialists. More than anything because in addition to coupling the structure of a sidecar, they have also changed the direction, the front suspension and added a reverse gear in the gearbox of the BMW R80 original.

Sidecar tent

The truth is that the result is interesting, although I can't imagine sleeping in such a small room, no matter how many fabrics you have around, it will always look like a coffin. If you understand French, you can take a look at Jinno's adventures at Le Blog à JN

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