More difficult still, Harley Davidson Sporster doing Motocross
More difficult still, Harley Davidson Sporster doing Motocross

Last week we closed it with a video in which a Harley Davidson did not come out very well when it started chasing a Vespa on a mountain road. Today we are going to see another type of "madness" with a Harley Davidson and that serves a little as a remedy for Friday's video.

In this case it is a Harley davidson sportster which I imagine has had its suspensions retouched and studded wheels have been fitted to participate in a kind of amateur Motocross called A Day in the Dirt (a day in the mud). And I say amateurs because I can't imagine that they would let anyone with such a different motorcycle participate in a serious competition. According to leo, the competition consists of spending two hours fighting on a Motocross circuit and they call it Coup de Grace, one of those competitions that AMA organizes and that has tests of all levels for all fans.

And by the way, I take the opportunity to take the lead over Morrillu with the crazy videos, which we had not put anything that "extreme" or funny in a long time.

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