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Xavier Forés, Stock Extreme Champion of Spain
Xavier Forés, Stock Extreme Champion of Spain

This past weekend the Spanish Speed ​​Championship 2010 in the Circuit of Albacete. In the absence of two tests for completion, Xavier Forés has been made with the title of Spain champion in the Stock Extreme category after claiming the fifth win in a row.

Maverick Viñales in the 125GP category, Carmelo Morales in Moto2 and Angel Molero In the Kawasaki Ninja Cup, they inscribed their name at the top of the podium during the fifth round, although these categories are still open. The titles will have to wait for the test in Valencia or the last one in Jerez.

Title for Xavier Forés in Stock Extreme

Javier Fores

If the Bmw has won the Superstock World Championship, in the CEV it has been no less and at the controls of Xavier Forés has achieved the title of Stock Extreme after five wins out of five possible. Even so, the title was made to wait until the last lap as the private Santiago Barragán tried to make it difficult for him.

In the end, Forés recovered the first position and crossed the first under the checkered flag followed by Barragán himself and Julián Mazuecos, who thus achieved his first podium of the year. Javier del Amor, with no luck, was forced to drop out in the second round due to a gearbox problem.

Maverick Viñales, victory and provisional lead in 125GP

Maverick Viñales

Atypical career that has been lived in the category of 125GP. Alex Rins was in the lead at the start but Maverick Viñales and Miguel Oliveira quickly took the lead. Everything was going smoothly while waiting for the last laps when, with two laps to go, race leader Oliveira hit a bend and was forced to abandon.

Maverick Viñales he was ahead of Alex Rins and Mattia Tarozzi, taking the lead in the provisional classification. Miguel Oliveira loses the lead with this zero and becomes third almost tied on points with Rins. The three drivers are separated by only 12 points.

Carmelo Morales wins and also goes on to lead the Moto2 classification

Carmelo Morales

Carmelo Morales continues with its particular comeback and has already climbed to the first position of the general classification in the category of Moto2. Albacete's race has dominated it with authority, demonstrating at the same time that he has overcome the back problems that he had suffered since his terrible fall at the Montmeló GP.

From behind, Jordi Torres and Román Ramos had a beautiful fight to divide the two remaining positions on the podium while Kev Coghlan and Ricard Cardús finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Second consecutive victory for Ángel Molero in the Kawasaki Ninja Cup

Angel molero

Angel Molero He has repeated his triumph for the second time in a row and with only one test to go, he placed first in the general classification. Antonio Rodas and Adrián Menchén flanked him on the podium.

Albacete 125GP Classification: * 1. 25 VIÑALES, Maverick 25 points * 2. 42 RINS, Alex 20 points. * 3.71 TAROZZI, Mattia 16 pts. * 4.11 NAVARRO, Jorge 13 pts. * 5. 36 PERELLO, Joan 11 pts.

Albacete Stock Extreme Classification: * 1. 12 FORES, Xavier 25 points * 2. 51 BARRAGAN, Santiago 20 points * 3. 7 MAZUECOS, Julián 16 points * 4. 23 BONASTRE, Adrián 13 points * 5. 13 PELLIZZON, Fabrizio 11 points

Albacete Moto2 Classification: * 1. 31 MORALES, Carmelo 25 points * 2. 9 TORRES, Jordi 20 points * 3. 40 RAMOS, Román 16 points * 4. 54 COGHLAN, Kev 13 points * 5. 4 CARDUS, Ricard 11 points

Albacete Kawasaki Ninja Cup Classification: * 1. 18 MOLERO, Angel 25 points * 2. 54 RODAS, Antonio 20 points * 3. 7 MENCHEN, Adrián 16 points * 4. 4 MARIÑELARENA, Alex 13 points * 5. 38 HERNANDEZ, Enrique 11 points

General Classification 125GP: * 1. VIÑALES, Maverick 102 points * 2. RINS, Alex 91 points * 3. OLIVEIRA, Miguel Ángel 90 points

Stock Extreme General Classification: * 1. FORES, Xavier 125 points * 2. BARRAGAN, Santiago 68 points * 3. DEL AMOR, Xavier 60 points

Moto2 General Classification: * 1. MORALES, Carmelo 80 points * 2. COGHLAN, Kev 73 points * 3. RIVAS, Daniel 73 points

Kawasaki Ninja Cup General Classification: * 1. MOLERO, Angel 78 points * 2. MENCHEN, Adrián 70 points * 3. MARIÑELARENA, Alex 62 points

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