New Ducati Diavel accident
New Ducati Diavel accident

News does not stop emerging about the appearance of the new Ducati model that, as we saw a short time ago, will be baptized in the Bologna factory with the name of Diavel, after handling various names and numerous leaks to the press of spy photos in what which seems like a carefully studied and coordinated marketing campaign before the official launch of this new model, which from the beginning earned the nickname of Mega Monster.

But this time, as we have seen on the Italian news website Romagna noi, it seems that these photos are the result of the chance because of the inadmissible situation in which the new Diavel and it does not respond to the so lately fashionable, leak campaigns to the press, on supposedly spy photos of certain models before their presentation.

Rugged Ducati Diavel

It seems that the Ducati tester suffered the accident when he saw himself hit by a car, but as we can see in the photos, neither the pilot nor the motorcycle suffered serious damage, although the pilot was treated by an ambulance that went to the place, verifying that he had no serious injuries.

The side on which the new Diavel fell was the left, on this side is the kickstand, so jokingly more than one speculated that they have made it so big that there is no leg to support its weight. Although the fall to the opposite side would have been worse with those tremendous exhausts and collectors, especially if you do not have time to put out leg below. There is not much more damage to the bike than the normal ones, mirror, paint, etc … but unlike the first leaked spy photos, the upper mask of the headlight has changed color, giving a different style to its front.

Anyway, it will be time to wait for your Official presentation to see the final result.

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The Ducati mega monster will be called Ducati Diavel Ducati mega mosnter that they are preparing for us

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