Laia Sanz ends the season unbeatable
Laia Sanz ends the season unbeatable

Laia sanz The 2010 season ended in the Women's Trial World Championship initiating the third victory of three possible after having achieved the Title of the specialty last week. On Saturday in Poland and again with some areas with little difficulty that only increased due to humidity and mud, Laia prevailed with authority.

The first of the passes through the area placed Laia in the lead, penalizing only 3 points for the five from Rebekah Cook and the six from Joanne Coles. In the second and final run, Laia closed the card with zero penalty points while Rebekah and Joannes left two and four feet respectively, which allowed Laia Sanz take the test.

Declarations of Laia Sanz:

Podium Poland

Polish Women's Trial Classification: * 1. Laia SANZ (REPSOL MONTESA HONDA) 3 (3 + 0) * 2. Rebekah COOK (SHERCO) 7 (5 + 2) * 3. Joanne COLES (GAS GAS) 10 (6 + 4) * 4. Sandra GOMEZ (GAS GAS) 14 (10 + 4) * 5. Rosita LEOTTA (GAS GAS) 16 (9 + 7)

Final classification of the Women's Trial World Championship: * 1. Laia SANZ (REPSOL MONTESA HONDA) 40 Points * 2. Joanne COLES (GAS GAS) 34 Points * 3. Rebekah COOK (SHERCO) 32 Points * 4. Emma BRISTOW (GAS GAS) 26 Points * 5. Sandra GOMEZ (GAS GAS) 26 Points

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