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Lorenzo Santolino and David Knight Enduro World Champions
Lorenzo Santolino and David Knight Enduro World Champions

The Salamanca, Lorenzo Santolino(KTM), it's the new Enduro World Champion from the category Junior once the penultimate round of the World Cup was played in Turkey. Secondly David knight (KTM) was also made with the World title Before the end of the championship in the E3 category and as we are used to, Iván Cervantes (KTM) was the best in his E2 category, keeping options to win the title against Mika Ahola (HM-Honda).

And it is that despite the almost complete prohibition in our country of the practice of this sport thanks to a absurd Law of Mountains New champions continue to appear with numerous difficulties even when training in some areas of Spain. So the season of Santolino has been spectacular, with eight partial victories and a constant presence on the podium every time the race has finished. Despite having fewer points than Jeremy Joly (HM-Honda), the Junior World Championship riders have to discount their four worst results of the season, which makes Santolino the best in category and gives him this new title on his record.

Enduro 1: Fighting for the title

Johnny Aubert wec2010

In the E1 category, Johnny aubert (KTM) and Eero Remes (KTM) shared the partial victories in Turkey during the two days of racing against a somewhat weak A. Meo (Husqvarna). The three will have to wait for the last race in France to dispute the World title between them.

Enduro 2: Iván Cervantes does not give up

Ivan Cervantes wec 2010

In the E2 category, as we already mentioned Ivan cervantes (KTM) achieved second and first place in this category in the two days but we will also have to wait for the race in France to see who takes the title, with the added difficulty that Mika Ahola (HM-Honda) part as favorite showing quite solid and with a wide advantage in points.

Enduro 3: David Knight new World Champion

David knight wec 2010

At E3 David knight, signed his third world title in Turkey with a victory on the second day, while on the first day it was Sébastien Guillaume (Husqvarna) the best and our Oriol Mena (Husaberg) achieved his first podium Senior on the first day of competition.

Junior Enduro: Lorenzo Santolino does not miss the opportunity

Lorenzo Santolino wec

While as we have already said in the Junior Enduro category Lorenzo Santolino (KTM) couldn't get off to a better start with the victory the first day followed by Victor guerrero (Yamaha) who in turn came first on the second day of competition.

Santolino spoke like this after the race:

The next appointment will be held in France next weekend, I leave you some videos with the best moments of the races.

Congratulations Lorenzo on this world title

    Johnny Aubert (KTM) 40'21.62

    Cristóbal Guerrero (Yamaha), at 5.46

    Eero Remes (KTM) at 10.99

    J. Gauthier (HM-Honda), at 29.90

    A. Meo (Husqvarna), at 32.24

Enduro Classifications 1 Day 2

    Eero Remes (KTM) 47'05.57

    Johmmy Aubert (KTM) at 17.73

    Cristóbal Guerrero (Yamaha), at 04.25

    A. Meo (Husqvarna), at 45.52

    M. Seistola (Husqvarna), at 1'00.36

Enduro Classifications 2 Day 1

    Mika Ahola (HM-Honda) 40'11.05

    Iván Cervantes (KTM), at 4.06

    Thomas Oldrati (KTM) at 20.78

    M. Burgeois (Husqvarna), at 40.05

    O. Balletti (HM-Honda), at 40.57

Enduro 2 Classifications Day 2

    Iván Cervantes (KTM), 47'15.41

    Thomas Oldrati (KTM) at 19.91

    Mika Ahola (HM-Honda) at 23.67

    O. Balletti (HM-Honda), at 28.14

    P.A: Renet (KTM), at 32.65

Enduro Classifications 3 Day 1

    Sébastien Guillaume (Husqvarna) 40'11.05

    David Knight (KTM) at 1.07

    Oriol Mena (Husaberg) at 46.16

    S. Albergoni (KTM), at 48.01

    B. Oblucki (Husqvarna), at 54.90

Enduro Classifications 3 Day 2

    David Knight (KTM) 47'15.02

    Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) at 34.60

    Sébastien Guillaume (Husqvarna) at 41.27

    S. Albergoni (KTM), at 57.97

    A. Botturi (Husaberg), at 1'28.05

Enduro Junior Classifications Day 1

    Lorenzo Santolino (KTM), 41'12.46

    Victor Guerrero (Yamaha), at 0.51

    Antti Hellsten (KTM) at 7.37

    B. Fortunato (Husaberg), at 10.64

    M. Roman (KTM), at 19.91

Enduro Junior Classifications Day 2

  • 1.Víctor Guerrero (Yamaha), 48'42.42
  • Antti Hellsten (KTM) at 16.30

    Lorenzo Santolino (KTM), at 22.49

    J. Joly (HM-Honda), at 32.96

    M. Roman (KTM), at 36.42

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