Harley Davidson Vs Vespa Who Wins?
Harley Davidson Vs Vespa Who Wins?

I don't think anyone is surprised to see this video, because both types of motorcycles are completely opposite and facing each other does not lead anywhere. But it is very curious to hear the expressions of the driver of the Harley Davidson when it crosses the Vespa. First the "Harlysta" is surprised, then he tries to show the power of the many more cubic centimeters of his motorcycle, and in the end he resigns himself to his circumstance.

And it's not that the Vespa is the best bike for cornering through a mountain pass, but neither is the Harley Davidson. One is designed to shoot in the middle of the traffic of the big cities, while the other is designed to travel the boulevards or the highways of the American West. With this in mind, the driver of the Harley Davidson goes down a mountain road, with a passenger and his ball, until a “crazy person” arrives on a Vespa and things change.

This has reminded me of the adventures of the Joe Bar Team that we discussed last week, but it has also reminded me that more than one I know has experienced this type of adventure in the first person. What I do not tell you is on which side of the challenge were those acquaintances so as not to raise more blisters.

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