Dani Ribalta takes the Supermotard to the limit
Dani Ribalta takes the Supermotard to the limit

Dani Ribalta, driver of the world endurance championship, is also well known for his work as sports director of the FastParcMotor driving school on the Catalan circuit of Castellolí. It is there where Dani occasionally records some spectacular shots on his Supermotard with the number 15.

We believed that the limit to which Ribalta had reached was to touch the ground with the elbow of one of the curves of Castellolí, but today it is already "out of the pot". And we come to the photo that heads this post, Does it fall or does it not?. I invite you to discover it in the video that I put below, simply spectacular:

I personally believed that I would end up on the ground, that it was impossible to recover that situation. A driving lesson to the limit and pure fun and, moreover, always with security measures that watch over the pilot. Dani stars on YouTube in several supermoto videos. You can see them all by visiting their user page, including the video in which they challenge themselves to play with their elbow on the asphalt.

On the other hand, I found out about this video thanks to a tweet from Carlos Checa that, together with his brother David, they keep a great friendship with Ribalta. This is demonstrated in this fun and relaxed interview, courtesy of Moto Attack:

If there was someone out there who was considering the idea of ​​trying the supermotard and did not decide at all, I think we have already finished convincing them. Enjoy!

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