Buell renews its image
Buell renews its image

The unique North American manufacturer Buell has decided to renew its brand image a bit. Buell debuts a new logo that recovers a symbol that was part of the initial shield of Erik Buell's signature: the pegasus. We are talking about when it was created in 1983, initially aiming only at competition in the AMA SBK with what was its first motorcycle: the Buell RW750.

So since the month of September Buell changes the logo that has identified its original motorcycles since 43% of the company was bought by Harley-Davidson in 1993. That oval-shaped logo with a brushed aluminum look on its frame and the letters of Buell Motorcycles on an indigo blue background. Now the logo becomes three-pointed, black background and the letters of Buell as well as the outline of the emblem and the Pegasus maintaining the metallic aspect.

It seems that Buell wants to give a more serious brand image, in the line of its latest products such as the Buell 1125R, which my colleague Héctor Ares conveniently gutted in a test. Or the Buell XB12STT that Morrillu tested.

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