The definitive showdown between cars and motorcycles on the track
The definitive showdown between cars and motorcycles on the track

A few weeks ago we could see the confrontation of a BMW S1000RR with a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and a KTM RC8 with an Audi R8 V10 and in them it could be clearly seen that while the motorcycle gained in pure acceleration due to the weight / power ratio, in the curves the cars hugged them without problems as they had a better cornering than the motorcycle. A few of you commented that his thing would be to time each vehicle separately on the track, thus avoiding obstacles between them. And of course, the test has already been done in Moto Journal facing a bunch of motorcycles and cars grouping them by country. Representing Germany are the BMW K1300S and the Audi r8, for Great Britain are the Triumph 675 Daytona SE and the Jaguar XKR, for Italy a Ducati 1198S and a Maserati Granturismo S and representing Japan a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 and a Nissan gt-r.

The video is made in French, but as the annotated data appear, we can compare the results even if we miss part of the acid comments of the journalist who personalizes the test.

Starting from back to front the last position is occupied by the BMW K1300S, which has to be removed when experiencing a technical problem. Although it is an excellent motorcycle, it does not seem that his is the pure circuit. Below is the Maserati Granturismo S that despite its family concept of four-door seats is capable of making a turn in Spa Francorchamps at 3:01, 3. Right in front of the Maserati appears the Jaguar XKR with a time of 2:58, 7, a little better does the Nissan gt-r stopping the stopwatch at 2:53, 4 and almost two seconds faster than the Nissan, which they compare several times with a video-console, the Audi r8 with a time of 2:51, 5

A little less than two seconds from the Audi we find the Triumph 675 Daytona SE marking a time of 2:49, 7. Another second and little is what is capable of lowering the Suzuki GSX-R1000 that rolls in 2:48, 3 but stratospheric time marks it Ducati 1198S that is capable of doing a lap of the circuit in 2:46, 1, leading the fastest car in 5.4 seconds.

These types of tests do not have much technical value Beyond being able to affirm that despite the fact that a sports car is faster when it comes to going through a curve in change, it is more difficult to accelerate it and much more difficult to be able to get all the potential that they carry inside if you do not call yourself Schumacher or Alonso (to give an example). Also against him he also plays the price, which places them quite far from the pocket of mortals.

On the opposite side, we find that with a "moderate" investment you can buy a motorcycle capable of riding in world championship times, although you have to apply a very large dose of experience and skill if you do not want to become a "Stamped pilot" against defenses at the end of the straight. Maybe that's why driving a motorcycle requires greater maturity than a car, because the risk is much more present than when taking a car to the limit. The counterpart is the same, that a motorcycle can be bought by inexperienced people and get into trouble for themselves and those around them almost immediately after leaving the dealership.

Once again I want to remind you that these tests are done on the track, with professional drivers and under controlled conditions. Don't ever do any of this on the street nor among the actual traffic that you will get in trouble with the law in the best of all cases. At worst you can pay with your own life.