KTM denies majority share purchase by Bajaj
KTM denies majority share purchase by Bajaj

KTM has published a statement, as can be seen on its website, I deny that he is in negotiations for its acquisition by the Indian group Bajaj as we had told you a week ago.

The statement has come to light as a result of the own interpretations made by certain media about the possible increase in Bajaj's participation. At no time had it been said that KTM was in financial trouble or that they wanted to sell the majority of the company but it is already known that in these cases, people tend to give more importance to what is not said compared to what is said, and thus the rally has been formed.

What KTM does tell us is that after a very difficult 2008 and 2009, they have returned to profit and even increased market share. Even so, on February 26 they invited shareholders to an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the capital increase of the company in about 30 or 40 million Euros. However, the largest shareholder of the company so far, Cross Industries AG, will keep its participation quota greater than fifty percent and managing the company.

Let's not get nervous in still troubled times. For my part, for now, I will stop trying on the Doti with protections and continue with my bruised suit.