Laia Sanz, Trial World Champion for the ninth time
Laia Sanz, Trial World Champion for the ninth time

On September 21 of last year we told you that Laia Sanz had achieved her eighth Trial World Champion title. Today, almost a year later, we can proudly say that there are already nine titles achieved by Laito. At 23 years old, he has a record that is difficult to match, since he also accredits eight continental titlesAll consecutive, the most recent of which was achieved last July. Almost nothing huh?

Laia Sanz has left the World Cup sentenced thanks to their victories in the first round of the competition (held in June in Andorra) and this weekend, in the absence of the third round being held next week, since only the best two of the three possible outcomes.

The truth is Laia Sanz is a step above the rest of rivals both in technique and concentration. A) Yes has not penalized a single point in the first pass through the zones, by eight of his most immediate pursuer.

However, when the Second round, the rain has appeared to raise the level of demand of the test. In these conditions, Laia has brought out her superiority, and has returned to be the best, scoring only 8 points, by 19 for Iris Kramer, who has been second.

Laia said:

The Women's Trial World Championship It will conclude next Friday, September 18 in Darfo Boario, Italy.

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