Competition calendar, September 11-13
Competition calendar, September 11-13

With a bit of delay I bring you the calendar of competitions for this week. We start with the Enduro World Championship in France. And in Gallic lands we also have the 24-hour Bol d'Or test, belonging to the World Endurance Championship and the last test of the Trial World Championship. In Brazil, the penultimate of the Motocross World Championship MX1 / MX2 and while the MX3 World Championship he will have his last test also in France.

In the national, Pirelli Superstock Series in Alcarrás, the Spanish Supermotard Championship in Zuera and in Valencia, the MX Alevín National Trophy and the Spanish Cup MX Féminas.

Much movement also in the regional and in the Racingpasión agenda.

  • World Cup - Saturday 12:
    • World Championship Enduro: France
    • World Championship Endurance: Bol d'Or
  • World Cup - Sunday 13:
    • World Championship Enduro: France
    • World Championship Endurance: Bol d'Or
    • World Championship Trial: France

      • Schedules:
      • Delayed broadcast: Thursday 16, 17:00 (Eurosport 2)
  • World Championship Motocross: Brazil

    • Schedules:

      • Live Broadcast: 17:00 (Freecaster)
      • Delayed transmission MX1: Monday 14, 17:00 (Eurosport 2)
      • Delayed transmission MX1: Tuesday 15, 15:30 (Eurosport 2)
      • Delayed transmission MX2: Tuesday 15, 17:00 (Eurosport 2)
      • Delayed transmission MX1: Wednesday 16, 11:30 (Eurosport 2)
      • Delayed transmission MX2: Thursday 17, 11:30 (Eurosport 2)
  • British Championship - Sunday 13:
    • British Championship Superbikes: Croft

      • Schedules:

        • First race: 14:30 (Eurosport 2)
        • First race delayed: 17:00 (Eurosport 2)
        • Second race: 17:30 (Eurosport 2)
  • National - Saturday 12:
    • Pirelli Superstock Series: Alcarrás (Lleida)
  • National - Sunday 13:
    • Spanish Championship of Supermotard: Zuera (Zaragoza)
    • National Trophy of MX Alevín and Spanish Cup of MX Females: Albaida (Valencia)
  • Regional - Saturday 12:
    • Aragonese Enduro Championship: Villa de Fuentes TT Rally (Zaragoza)
    • Catalan TT Rally Championship: Villa de Fuentes TT Rally (Zaragoza)
    • Murcian Cross Country Championship: Yecla (Murcia)
    • Murcian Speed Championship: Cartagena (Murcia)
    • Navarre Motocross Championship: Espronceda (Navarra)
    • Navarre Trial Championship: Muniain (Navarra)
  • Regional - Sunday 13:
    • Andalusian Trial Championship: XII Trial Mancomunidad Municipalities Río Dilar (Granada)
    • Asturian Motocross Championship: Villaviciosa (Asturias)
    • Balearic Speed Championship: Llucmajor (Mallorca)
    • Balearic Enduro Championship: Cala Aubarca (Sant Mateu)
    • Canarian Speed Championship: IV Test of the Regional Speed Championship (Las Palmas)
    • Canarian Motocross Championship: V San Miguel Motocross Test (Sta. Cruz de Tenerife)
    • Non-scoring Supercross: VXII Super Cross Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca)
    • Spanish Manchego Endurance Championship TT: V Endurance TT Montearagon (Toledo)
    • Mediterranean Speed Championship: Circuit of Albacete (Albacete)
    • Castilian Leonese Supermotard Championship: Castroponce (León)
    • Catalan Asfalt Pujades Championship: IV Pujada Marganell Can Masana (Barcelona)
    • Catalan Enduro Championship: I Enduret del Solsones (Lleida)
    • Catalan Classic Trial Championship: I Trial de Classiques de Port de la Selva (Girona)
    • Mediterranean Motocross Championship: Motocros Albaida Mediterrani MXPRO 125 (Valencia)
    • Galician Trial Championship: Entrimo
    • Mediterranean Motocross Championship: Motocros Albaida Mediterrani MXPRO 125 (Valencia)
    • Non-scoring Classics: III Meliana Classic Motorcycle Speed Trophy (Valencia)
    • Valencian Motocross Championship: Motocross of Albaida (Valencia)
    • Valencian Classic Trial Championship: Trial de Clásicas de Moncada (Valencia)
    • Valencian Speed Championship: Speed in Vinarós (Castellón)
    • Basque Enduro Championship: Aulesti
    • Basque Supermotard Championship: Albadiño

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