Dani Pedrosa denies Honda and talks about more
Dani Pedrosa denies Honda and talks about more

There are things in life that, even if they are known, should not be said. But Dani Pedrosa does not seem to agree very much with this, and has declared to the Italian press that “I am still here (at Honda) simply because there was no room at yamaha, which would have been the good thing”. Of course, the statements were nuanced by other phrases such as "The Yamaha is, clearly, the best motorcycle currently in the championship" and the promise that it will maintain its " faith in Honda for one more year to see if they can improve the bike."

I'm still frozen, and wondering why he has done it? And it is that no matter how much you want to "prick" the brand to put the batteries on, or no matter how pissed off you are, can a pilot of your size have a kidnapping of so radical frankness? Of course, I hope that Dani never engages in diplomacy because he has shown that it is not his thing, besides the damage you have done to Honda with your statements.

For now, he has made it clear that his renewal has been product of resignation, that it was a “Plan B” (“Plan A” was to sign for Yamaha) and that it has been a frustration not having passed the ranks of the tuning fork brand.

The statements were made at the end of the San Marino Grand Prix before the cameras of Italy 1. The Catalan rider explained the reasons that led to signing the renewal with Honda for one more year. Apparently, Yamaha's decision to renew Jorge Lorenzo closed the doors to a possible brand change that Pedrosa would have welcomed.

Anyway … for stories of love and heartbreak we already have Venezuelan soap operas and Alonso's relationship with Renault. Right now and despite the recent renovation, things don't seem to be going well between the brand and the driver; but in the motor world, There is no heartbreak that a couple of wins in a row can't fix.

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