The secret of Ben Spies
The secret of Ben Spies

The exceptional of the first season of Ben Spies in the Superbike World Championship It is not that he already has the World Cup in his pocket (as some say in this blog) but how well he is doing on tracks that are totally unknown to him until he reaches them on Friday and can do free practice.

At the beginning of the season, a rumor spread that Spies was training them on the Play Station, as many pilots do. In the video that you can see in this post, Ben tells us that what he does is memorize the layout of the circuits assimilating them to animal shapes.

Ben says he thinks the shape of an upturned cat reminds him of Phillip Island, a T-Rex lurking for Dry Lagoon, a whale for Donington park, a crab for Estoril or a seahorse to Imola (at first I thought it was a shrimp)

But the exceptionalness of this pilot does not end here, if not that when he arrives on the track he does not spend a lot of time learning it, if not he prefers to go shopping to expand his collection of keychains. Then he spends some time on his diet, in which ice cream and sweets seem to be a main part.

Without a doubt, the best part of the video is when you cut out by hand on the plastic of food trays circuit profiles. So it is logical that the other pilots believe that he is a bit crazy. But what is very clear is that we are in front of a gifted man for racing and that he will surely give us many joys in the years that he continues to be active, whether on Superbikes or on MotoGP in the near future.

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