DCT, Honda brings dual-clutch automatic transmission to the bike
DCT, Honda brings dual-clutch automatic transmission to the bike

A complete revolution for the world of two wheels. We just found out that Honda will debut in 2010 a new dual-clutch transmission, the DCT. The first to receive it will be its high-performance models, and of course, the Honda VFR ** will have the honor of being the one that debuts the new technology, and it is foreseeable that the rest of sport, sport … and non-sport motorcycles will follow. time.

The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) as they call it, it is about a transmission with various modes of use: full automatic, automatic with Sport sport mode and a manual mode, in which the motorcycle works as if it had a 6-speed manual transmission. But always with the advantage that it includes double clutch.

This will result in a better use of the power that reaches the wheel, an improvement in performance as gear changes will predictably be faster; a greater smoothness of operation and according to Honda, also in a lower fuel consumption. I believe it, since in the car the automatic transmission = higher consumption has already gone down in history.

The invention is still pending the approval of 100 patents, but it is a mere process when the house itself announces the novelty for next year. Viewing the sketches they have solved the problem of how to integrate the system into the bike quite well, the main problem when putting more things on a motorcycle.


They will make the most of the free gap that is usually always under the engine. And incidentally, the extra extra weight that it entails as it is located as low as possible, so as not to penalize the motorcycle's center of gravity. Although they already warn that the system is very compact and lightweight.

As icing on the cake they comment that they can include it without having to make a lot of change in the structure of engines and others: practically swapping one transmission for another and automatically equip the improvements of the new one to the specific model. Roughly stated, of course.

A great technological advance for the motorcycle, and that without a doubt is the future. But we must not forget those who opened the ban of the automatic transmissions in the series motorcycles (avoiding scooters): the Piaggio Mana 850 and the Yamaha FJR 1300 A. But the DCT from Sling It is the one that goes further, introducing the solution and improvement of the double clutch that is gaining so much success and popularity in the automotive industry.

** The Honda VFR for those who do not know it is the genuine Honda pampered motorcycle, always avant-garde and authentic showcase of the technology and hallmarks of the house.

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